Hungarian Venous Forum

Hungarian Venous Forum

Photos of the 3rd Another Phlebology Meeting

Welcome to our website!

The Hungarian Venous Forum (HVF) is an open and free society led by the Phlebological Section of the Hungarian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery (MAET). Its members are members of the MAET and colleagues who are interested in or already working in the field of phlebology. Participation in the  meetings of the HVF is usually free of charge. Meetings are supported by firms working within this discipline.

Aim of the HVF

It was suggested almost 20 years ago to form a club and later a society dedicated to the treatment of venous diseases. Phlebologists usually work alone, which is why they wanted to have a friendly forum where colleagues could exchange their experience and learn the latest news on the topic.  For these purposes, the scientific level of these meetings ranges widely: partly to discuss the most recent progress, and partly to educate beginners. The friendly and helpful atmosphere and civilised style in debate encourages the active participation of many colleagues.

Venue and date

The venue of this regular meeting was formerly the Hotel Gellert, and for almost 10 years now has been held in one of the conference rooms of the Grandhotel Hungaria (Best Western). There is a meeting in spring at the beginning of March and another in the autumn in the first half of November. We try to avoid seasons already crowded with conferences.

Further information

As the HVF is an open society, every colleague who works in this field is welcome. For this reason, many people are invited and encouraged to come. The exact dates and the venue are published first in Erbetegsegek. One month before the meeting an email is sent according to our mailing  list. Two weeks later an invitation letter is sent. This website will help you be informed earlier about the time, location and programme of the conference.